Friday, September 14, 2007

Welfare Fantasy Football

On an average day during football season, John and I spend about an hour talking about fantasy football on some level. I can't speak for him, but I would guess that I spend another 2 hours reading or thinking about football that on some level correlates to fantasy football. This normally isn't healthy, but when you sit in an unholy box that is commonly known as a cubicle, I believe its a means to keep us sane.

With this in mind, I had an idea that we should start a league using Yahoo's Salary Cap Fantasy Football but with the twist that we can only spend 6o million of the allotted 100 million that you are given. Thus we would constantly be searching for bargains and conceivably providing advice for those who are looking for waiver wire bargains every week.

John is currently living in 1995, listening to some Coolio and debating getting internet access, so I have to post his roster and rationalizations for his picks,


Hey, So Ive got my lineup set…here is the Cheap B@$st@rd$ Week 2 lineup

QB - Tavaris Jackson MIN $7.55 (at Detriot, need I say more?)
RB - Brandon Jackson GB $5.17 (against the Giants who last week got crushed by the 'Boys. There also arent many feature backs in his price range)

RB - Marcell Shipp ARI $5.41 (I really struggled with this spot, 5.40 is a good price for a legit #2 back, also in that price range were Michael Turner (going against the Pats) and his counterpart across the sidelines this week Mo Morris. Tie-breaker - He's from the U(Mass)

WR - Dwayne Jarrett CAR $4.66 (best bargain in wideouts…I might have to wait on his production because he is a rookie and playing on the same field as Steve Smith, and when he does have his break-out game he will immediately become too expensive, but that upside is tantalizing)

WR - Calvin Johson DET $6.26 (see above)
WR - Antwan Randle El WAS $6.65 (had a big week last week against the Miami with 162 yards in the receiving, plus he is a threat for some chicanery on trick plays)

TE - Bo Scaife TEN $5.90 (I'll be honest, I just like his name which has been endeared by my longstanding affinity towards the Dukes of Hazzard)

K - Mason Crosby GB $8.31 (he's a big boy and I'd really like to see his range with the NFL ball. Also, he reminds me of Hoss from another one of my favorite TVLand shows: Bonanza!)

DEF - NYJets $9.62 (tough call here, they got tooled on by the Pats last week and I think it does a disservice to the talent on this team. Also you have to love the match up against Baltimore who had 6 turnovers against Cinci last Monday Night.)"

I'll be posting my lineup tomorrow. I'll go ahead and state for the record now that I was planning on purchasing both Brandon Jackson and Calvin Johnson when I first thought of this league, so I'm not ripping him off. As evidence I submit exhibit A which should corroborate my fantasy football knowledge.

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