Friday, September 21, 2007

The (Week 2) Champ is here!

After doubling his total points, I feel like I have a mental edge over the G-Man now.

M. Schaub (Hou - QB) $ 5.67 - I hate myself for missing him last week when he would have cost 3.50. I deserve it though for trusting Alex Smith. My Stepfather is a 49ers fan and he is so dumbfounded and confused by Alex Smith that he looses the ability to use nouns whenever I bring him up. (Since John also took him, I reserve the right to switch over to Kellen Clemens if he's starting for the Jets this week)

Ad. Peterson (Min - RB) $ 7.12 - Someone in the Vikings organization while looking over Brad Childress' resume should have noticed that the man hasn't produced a home grown WR ever, even though his employers have expended multiple high round draft choices on that particular position. The fact that the Vikings are not running the ball 60 times a game when his current starting QB wouldn't have even been able to lead Notre Dame to anything better then an 0-3 record baffles me.

L. White (Ten - RB) $ 4.71- I really wanted to try to finagle a way to get MoJo in this spot because I think he's as cheap as he's going to be at 11 bucks this week, but have you ever noticed that Jack Del Rio looks like a traumatized lesbian who just watched her partner and the rest of their family unit be brutalized over the span of 4 days? That doesn't bode well for Maurice Jones-Drew. What does this have to do with LenDale White? Absolutely nothing.

W. Welker (NE - WR) $ 5.80- Token Patriot, plus I still don't trust Randy Moss to not have another freak out in traffic.

Ca. Johnson (Det - WR) $ 6.26- In case you didn't know, the Lions are touched by God.

R. Curry (Oak - WR) $ 6.44- Proof positive that Michael Vick would have made for a better RB or WR.

V. Davis (SF - TE) $6.35- Alex Smith is his QB, so unless he breaks a 2 yard check down 50 + yards, I'm getting nothing out of him. That being said, I feel my Stepdad and I need more to talk about, so complete and utter disdain toward Alex Smith is a good place to start.

N. Folk (Dal - K) $7.42- He's the cheapest kicker available and because of that he'll remain on my roster for the rest of the year. I don't care if he dies on the field, if no other kicker in the league drops below his price, he's my guy for the duration.

Washington (Was - DEF) $ 7.58- Why? Because they're better then the Giants D, thats why.

Go face yourself G-Man enjoy your Gansters Paradise.

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