Friday, May 18, 2007

From the Public Editor:

In more recent posts this blog has been giving the blogsphere a closer examination. With discussions on its nature and some links to personal blogs, the FJP has begun to connect into the medium that delivers is content. Regrettably, I let my personal experience and bias (of 5 straight years of raggin’ on Deebs) overtake priorities of professionalism. We tend to remember things happening the way we would have like them to…Deebs actually got into Super Bomber Man for a couple months in between Winding,net and the Super Ghouls and Ghosts era. To be frank, the legend of Deebs does embellish on the man. My apologies.

Some of the criticisms are warranted and appreciated. The editorial isses will be addressed in the form of a pledge to be more professional. First, I have forgotten that brevity is key to communication. That it is written haphazardly does not make it a blog. More time will be devoted to good writing and editing to make the content more readable and reduce the frequency of narrative asides. Second, the lack of links is an egregious breach of my responsibilities to inform readers. It will surely be corrected currently, retroactively, and in due time.

My personal relationship to blogs has been at an arm’s length because my media diet is almost entirely traditional. And it certainly tends towards Eastern liberal elite: The New York Times, NPR, The New Yorker, and the like. For this reason I haven’t read many blogs. I appreciate Deebs’ linking to his writing project and if any readers have a good blog or article, please pass it along via email or a comment post. At the same time I will absolutely make an effort to diversify my media diet. Mostly though, Ive missed Deebs’ blog for its entertainment and insight, and owe Derka much of the inspiration for the FJP.

In the early stages of this blog I did not realize that all media is a dialogue, a lesson that will surely not be forgotten. As such, I will be enabling anonymous comments in an effort to make feedback more accessible.

I will be updating old posts to provide links. Stay tuned tomorrow for a recap of this past week in NBA playoff action. Cheers and have a great weekend!

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