Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Items

Piece of $h!t tries to microwave daughter: A two month old girl is recovering from 2nd degree burns in a Texas hospital after her father placed her in a motel microwave. The 19 year-old father blamed stress for his actions. He had moved into the motel a week ago with his wife, daughter, and mother. He was looking for a job as a minister, following a call from God to quit his job at a southern Arkansas Sonic Drive-in.

"There is a thief among us" hailed Dean of Students Gordon Quimby over the PA. I was sitting in Music Appreciation my junior year of high school. There had been a rash of stolen graphing calculators (you know the TI-83s, 83pluses, 85s, 86s, and of course the boss 89s). They were used in every class, if not for pre-calculus equations in Math or Physics, then to play Tetris or Space Invaders in English. Quimby, a bearded ball-buster, told us that someone was stealing them out of lockers, and it was disappointing that in our community (a Catholic high school) that someone was committing such an heinous crime. While it was never officially known who the thief was, everyone had their hunches. What made me think of this is something one of my co-workers, and an avid reader of the FJP, brought up earlier this week. In our office bathrooms there is a bin for a charity called Save our Soaps. It benefits homeless shelters and the like by having people drop off toiletries. The reader dropped off two sets of disposable razors, and discovered later in the day that one was gone. As he said "the one left was a woman's style razor," which leads one to believe that the scumbag, er, person who pilfered it from the men's bathroom intended to take it for personal use. Since we work in finance for a large custodial bank, one should assume that everyone who works with us can afford to buy their own razors. So why would someone take toiletries out of bin for charity?

On an unrelated note, something has been bothering me lately. For the last few months I havent been dreaming. I dont know if this is a bad thing or not but I think I feel more tired in the morning because of it. It just seems troubling because I used to have very realistic, semi-lucid dreams. Sometimes I would wake up with a start and just think to myself "woah." The best ones were where I was skiing and I would hit a roller and then just fly and fly and not be scared (which apparently you can now do, check it out on the video on the internet site under "ski gliding"). Maybe its because Im pretty content right now so that there are not a lot of things for my subconscience to chew on.


lynch881 said...

sonic guy:

I hate when people say stress in the main reason why people do outrageous, irresponsible, and irrational actions, i.e. sonic guy.

Why would anyone place his or her baby in a microwave? Who would do such a terrible act? Now did stress cause someone to do that? Simply stated, that cannot be possible... People have to deal with consequences on all of their decisions.

At this point, I would say I felt sorry for someone that lost his or her job and had to live in a hotel. For most people, we would all be down on ourselves and be stressed to try to turn our lives around quickly but based on the information we know now...I have no pity for that guy.

Thanks for getting me fired up this afternoon on the FJP!

I hate to say but it's ironic that his next mission was to be a pastor because God told him too. I hope God didn't tell him to put his 2-month baby in the microwave, or did he?

Is there a death penalty in Arkansas?

jbg said...

Dont worry, the crime was committed in Texas...they love to fry 'em there. It is kind of weird that there are all of those religious people in Texas and they do some of the most f#%@ed up things. Remember Andrea Yates who drowned her five children in the bath tub because of post-partum depression/psychosis/religious paranoia.

The wikipedia entry on her includes some fascinating info on the preacher Michael Peter Woroniecki, a sort of Christian Svengali who told his disciples to forsake their full-time jobs and preach on the streets so that their children would learn righteousness by example.

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